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Light Gauge Steel brings together structural efficiency and insulation, in a unique and patented manufacturing process, to create one of the most sustainable and cost effective building solutions for low and medium rise structures.

The system can be used to create Light Gauge Steel structures of up to 6-storeys. Pre-insulated external wall system can also be used as architectural infill panel on concrete or hot rolled steel structures.

The various Light Gauge Steel wall components and floor joist sections are produced on a just-in-time basis on roll-formers, using the latest CAD/CAM technology. The pre-punched and pre-marked sections are then assembled into wall panels and floor cassettes (for the UK market) in a controlled factory environment, ensuring high quality and dimensional accuracy, with virtually no waste. Wall studs and channel sections along with the chord and web sections are manufactured from S350 to S550 zinc coated Z275 g/m2 galvanised steel. Floor joists are manufactured from S350 G275 g/m2 galvanised steel.

Hot Rolled Steel
Custom design and fabricated HRS sections to deal with real life building complexities, such as transfer structures required by non-stacking load paths or supporting cantilevered balconies.


  • External wall system uses urethane insulation. The intrinsic eco-efficient properties of Urethane combined with patented external wall insulation technology, create a highly sustainable end product. Eco-efficiency analysis is by BASF.
  • Zero Insulation Waste
    As the manufacturing process injects urethane into the panel (avoiding window and door openings) there is very little off-cut waste. The small amount (<1%) that is generated is compacted in the factory and recycled.


  • Joist Flooring is constructed of 20mm water resistant T&G OSB 3 decking fixed to 254mm deep Light Gauge Steel joist at 600 centres.  Resilient bar is then fitted to the underside of the joists, which decouples the ceiling slab from the floor producing a quiet floor.  Floor joists incorporate oval stiffened service holes typically 230 x 160mm.
  • Floor cassettes are typically formed from 254mm deep joist section and matching rim section. The cassettes are completed with 20mm water resistant T&G OSB 3 decking.
    Composite Deck flooring

The floor is constructed of a composite profiled metal deck with shuttering, which is fixed to the head track of the supporting load bearing walls.  Reinforcement bars and in-situ concrete are added to the deck as required by design.

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