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Choosing Zamora’s proven, low carbon, high quality building technologies will reduce risk and improve returns AND…

You will achieve this with a system that has the class-leading sustainability credentials, needed to ensure developments have the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Higher Returns
Zamora will improve the bottom line…

Return on Capital
Zamora’s speed on site, will turn your development to cash more quickly – vital in today’s working capital hungry, high-density developments. While shell structures will only account for 10-20% of the build cost, the system, when used effectively provides savings throughout all aspects of the cost base – particularly in regard to time related costs such as site preliminaries and wet trades.

Developments will benefit from much improved productivity of scarce site labour. For example, a recent independent study by BRE of a housing development showed that traditional construction required up to 40% more man hours than using Light Weight Concrete, SIPs or Light Gauge Steel systems. Perhaps even more significantly you will also see much more productive use of management and design overheads.

With greater certainty over programmes, precision engineered off site systems and fewer surprises with materials will improve cost certainty and timeline targets.

Fewer Defects
Clients have found that structures that have been built using the off site technology systems have had far fewer defects compared to other methods of construction.  These findings are based on analysis of the post completion defect liability period.

With fewer man hours required on site; greater pre-planning; and more done off-site the risk of accidents on site inevitably reduces. Zamora’s off-site processes and emphasis on pre-construction design are also of major benefit in helping towards meeting the requirements of CDM Regulations.

No Shrinkage Worries
With off-site systems, you are working with an engineered product, with no worries of unpredictable shrinkage or differential movement. In addition all key components are produced in a factory-controlled environment and are designed to simplify site erection processes. With Zamora you can be sure that what is designed is what will be built.

Fully Certified
All of Zamora’s off-site systems has been extensively tested at BRE, major European and International authorities for all key structural, fire, thermal and acoustic requirements and have also been certified.  When you choose Zamora you can be sure of comfortable compliance with Building Regulation requirements.

Zamora’s engineered off-site systems and highly skilled build and finishing craftsmen deliver cost effective higher quality developments that will enhance value and reputation.

Development Benefits

Choosing Zamora’s proven, low carbon, high quality building technologies will reduce risk and improve returns AND…

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Sustainability & Advantages

Zamora’s systems are developed and designed with waste prevention in mind; our superior, low carbon…

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Contractors Accreditation

SAVE Cost SAVE Time SAVE Energy

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