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Zamora building systems are suitable for all construction types i.e:

Zamora and their process partners have vast experience in construction in the leisure industry. With recently completed several fast track projects, on behalf of major hotel operators and local authorities, Zamora building systems partners enabled clients to achieve occupancy much quicker therefore achieving return on investment faster.

Zamora systems are ideally suited to building Social housing, not only does it enable quicker completion times on projects but it also assists RSL’s with eco home ratings and government assistance has been widely used across the UK by major developers, house builders and housing associations to construct multiple residential dwellings.

Education & Healthcare
Public Sector buildings are increasingly required to meet a standard of construction above and beyond those set out in the Building Regulations. By demanding low U-values and low long term running costs the Public Sector seeks to ensure that the buildings they commission offer not only the best value for money, but also deliver industry best practice in respect of environmental and socio-economic responsibility. To these clients the Zamora Building Systems experienced teams offer a range of unique advantages, including: speed of construction; predictable completion dates; less on-site labour and the provision of a weather-tight shell.

Zamora off site technologies can accommodate any project, simply send your drawings to our technical department who will then ‘convert’ and optimise the layout to facilitate off site technologies construction.

Zamora can undertake retail, new-build, commercial refurbishment and fit-outs.

By understanding the operational and business requirements, and integrating them into an overall programme, we can complete difficult projects on time and to budget. In order to provide all the services within construction management, we recruit all our personnel from every sector of the industry where they have gained the necessary experience. Our site managers and supervisors have maintained an unsurpassed safety record and are responsible for ensuring that the required quality is achieved.

Self Build Turnkey Solution
Zamora offers the self builder the opportunity to design their home as they want it to be. We can then manage the various aspects of the product selection process and provide a turnkey solution by professionals from our extensive network of approved suppliers and contractors.

Vaulted Ceilings & Roof Space
As well as utilising SIP and Light Gauge Steel technology the system lends itself to the inclusion of other timber elements such as Glue lam beams and roof frames, which when combined with vaulted ceilings provide large, beautiful living spaces.


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