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Zamora Developments was established to be a leading provider of sustainable and durable structures delivering premium, affordable, sustainable structures, utilising high performance building technologies with a track record. Combined with creative design Zamora delivers an Art & Science solution.

The concept was developed with the vision of creating reduced materials and reduced site labour intensive methods of delivering higher quality buildings. Zamora utilises proven offsite systems, which have been developed first and foremost from a builder/developer’s perspective. We believe in our commitment to efficiency, and utilizing established and new creative designers and architects we strive to deliver a combination of Art & Science.

Design and Build
Zamora provides a complete service, from Space Planning; Concept Design; Structural Design; Frame Design and Manufacture; Full Interior Design; fully supervised site erection as an integral part of the package as well as High Quality Finishing by skilled Craftsmen. We believe that the best product in the world is wasted without being installed correctly and incorporated into a high level of Structural and Interior design.

Proven Technology and Traditional Craftsmanship
Following intensive R&D and certification work, structures using the technologies have been erected in the UK and worldwide.  Zamora uses products that to date have provided thousands of buildings, ranging from individual bungalows; luxury and affordable housing developments; commercial properties; healthcare; education; luxury apartment developments and 3, 4, 5-star hotels.

Delivering on Innovation
Zamora has a dedicated research team who focus on sourcing and combining the latest proven technology products for continuous improvements, certification and regulatory requirements. Zamora has the ability to bring innovative ideas to practical reality whilst maintaining our commitment to continuous improvement and meeting client needs.

Building for The Future
Zamora is committed to continually developing our product and service range with innovative and creative producers and enhancing client relations.  Zamora focuses on forward thinking innovations to build Zamora’s position as leaders in the provision of sustainable technologies and cost effective quality structures. Our research team has identified technologies globally, that are proven as well as future products in development stages.

Development Benefits

Choosing Zamora’s proven, low carbon, high quality building technologies will reduce risk and improve returns AND…

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Sustainability & Advantages

Zamora’s systems are developed and designed with waste prevention in mind; our superior, low carbon…

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