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Zamora Developments is an innovative property development, consultancy, construction and service company in public and private house building, fit-out, industrial and civil engineering, support services, retail and commercial construction and refurbishment.

Construction and Property Consultancy
Whatever or wherever in the world your construction project may be, we guarantee to deliver a comprehensive ‘start-to-finish’ package which not only allows you to concentrate your expertise on the job in hand but also ensures your project is completed on time and to budget.

Our experts in every area of international project and cost management draw on a proven track record to satisfy all your construction and property requirements – during all phases of every individual project from design, planning, construction, sales and marketing support.

Art and Science
Zamora as well as utilising traditional construction methods embraces the Latest Technologies for sustainable and cost effective results with Designers and Architects has the ability to bring innovative ideas to practical reality.

Development Joint Ventures
Land Owners
We can provide equity and finance to develop sites of all sizes in partnership with land owners. We also develop concept plans and obtain planning approval. We establish an investment vehicle that will jointly move the project forward and in all cases provides the land owner with the best value for their land as they share in the profits from the development.

  • Provide independent valuation of land and release value from 1st funds realised
  • Develop project at an agreed fixed price and provide all finance requirements
  • Manage marketing and sales to realise value and profit

This requires little or no hands on input from the land owner and provides complete security to the land owner. Contact us for details.

Distressed Developments and Banking Support

We can assist lenders to protect their security when a project is in ‘distress’. We can undertake an appraisal of the project that will:

  • Provide independent analysis of the problems and their underlying causes
  • Identify key risks and how they should be managed constructively
  • Provide strategic advice on how to re-focus the project for a successful outcome

We can, if required, establish and implement a recovery plan, using a team of highly experienced project, cost and construction managers, to regain control of the development. Contact us for details.

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