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SIPs are not a new method of construction, having been used extensively for decades across North America and Canada. Despite this proven history, SIPs are still considered as an unknown quantity in parts of Europe.

Zamora uses Sips that have a high pressure injected Polyurethane core resulting in facings of the panel being auto-adhered, which inhibits ignition and does not melt. The Structural Insulated Panel Building System comprises SIPs panels connected with a unique jointing system for walls and roofs, intermediate floors using I-beams or open web joists.

Zamora uses SIP Building Systems recognised by the major building warranty providers such as Building Life Plans, Homebond, HAPM, NHBC and Zurich Municipal. It also holds BBA, IAB, BM Trada and Zulassung Certification.

Sip panels come with different skins to suit purpose; OSB (Oriented strand board); Cement Boards, Steel Panels. The complete System is delivered to site ready for erection by fully qualified Zamora SIP construction and finishing teams.

Advantages of the Zamora SIP Building Systems

High Energy Efficiency.

  • U-value range between 0.10 W/m²K and 0.22 W/m²·K.
  • Air permeabilities approximately 1 m³/hour/m² at 50
  • Low site wastage as schemes are designed, cut and palletised in the factory meaning no excess building materials are delivered to site.

Zero ODPAll

  • The components for a typical Zamora SIP Building System scheme e.g. panels and ancillaries, come from one source.
  • Fewer deliveries compared to more traditional construction methods where components can often be sourced from and delivered by a number of different distributors or manufacturers.
  • Overall result is less transport, which reduces the project’s impact on the environment.

Fast, Cost Effective & Predictable

  • Panelised system enables a fast track building process, which can help to reduce construction time considerably.
  • Follow on trades can start work sooner, when wrapped with a non-tenting breather membrane, a weather-tight shell helping the contractor complete the project faster.
  • Much easier to predict project completion times as the System is relatively simple to erect and requires no wet trades or brick layers.
  • Defects are vastly reduced due to the factory controlled manufacture, precise engineering and design of the system.
  • Used to achieve Building Code for Sustainable Homes – Levels 4 to 6

Thermal Performance

  • SIPS panels offer superior thermal performance.
    PU cored SIP panels produce homes which are significantly more efficient.
    Current building standards are 0.35/W/M2K, this translates roughly to an
    energy requirement of 50Kw/hr/yr to heat a sq/m of floor area. SIP homes
    will require significantly less than this, probably around 10Kw/hr/yr.
  • Example -Heat Loss
    Traditional House = 50K/W/M2
    SIP House = 10K/W/M2

Structural Testing

  • Strength, quality, Energy Efficiency & Integrity, Proven By the Leading U.K.A.S Testing authorities
  • Sips comply with EOTA ETAG CE Marking (European Technical Approval Guidelines)

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